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Product information SHIEER Deon® and



UBA*-nr.: 1338.0003
C.U.C.: P 010066
MPS-Nr. 777068
Produced according to OECD 301/402 and EG 2092/91


SHIEER Deon is a biodegradable amphoteric plant extract, which consists of 100% natural and biological components.It is an additional product which is used in combination with bio-boosters. It’s used in case of high infestation of aphids, white fly spider mites and fungal infestation, to break through the population cycle.

SHIEER Deon is a combination of ionic, cationic and amphoteric substances extracted from plant extracts, which is diluted with water.

The product influences the effect of enzymatic processes on the chitin shell of insects. We recommend to treat your plants with SHIEER Deon in case of an infestation by harmful insects (which lay eggs).


Qualities / properties

  • Plant enhancer of pure natural and biological components
  • 100% biodegradable
  • applicable to all cultivations




C.U.C.: P 010068 / P 010070
MPS-Nr.: 901 / 902


SHIEER Avena is a growth promoter which is used in the area of ​​the leaf structure. It consists of 100% natural substances. Flowers and fruits will make a visibly healthier and stronger impression. Avena und Bio-Crop are usually used together, so that an increase in growth of the plant can be reached in the course of a period.



  • Increases the assimilation of trace elements
  • Production of chlorophyll in the leaf is higher because of a better assimilation (Photosynthesis of the plant is improved)
  • Improved wax layer on the leaf (wax coat protects plants against mold and insects)
  • Cell wall of the plants gets strengthened
  • Plants become naturally strengthened and resistant to disease


It is known in nature that some plants assimilate aromatic substances to protect against insects. This has already been recognized in the tomato production.

A healthy plant, that grows well, releases more aromatic substances, insect populations as the “white fly” can be significantly reduced.

A healthy plant gets less infected by insects and fungi. Therefore, it is necessary to produce plants in a professional and natural way. This is very important because more and more chemical products are banned and fewer new chemical products are used. Avena is a  good natural alternative to increase production and improves the quality of the products in a natural way.

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