Test report BWC-Bio-Fish®


Report of Experiment


I. Title of Experiment

Aquiculture water treatment with BWC-Bio-Fish and Biobooster

II. Name of the Project

Shieer Scientific Demonstration Base

III. Experimenting unit:

Shandong Shouguang City

IV. Content of experiment

Seawater treatment with BWC-Fish and Biobooster and cultivating Penacus Japonicus

V. Products and technique providing unit:

Changchun Huaye Biotech Ltd. Co.

VI. Working Principle:

  1. Flowing diagram of working principle


  1. Dilute the BWC-Fish with fresh water at the ratio of 1 to 10 in storage barrel.
  2. Use an injecting pump to stuck and inject BWC dilution to the pressure pump and the pressure Pipeline the BWC-Fish dilution is injected into the lagoon through the following water supply system:
  • Mixed barrel
  • Injecting pump
  • Pressure pump
  • Pressure pipeline
  • Experimental area of Shrimp lagoon
  1. Application dosage, BWC 640cc/80Mu day applied to shrimp lagoon for 4 weeks, 320cc/80Mu day. Bio-Booster applied 640cc / 80Mu day.

VII. Results of Experiment:

  1. We started to apply BWC-Fish and Bio-Booster on May 13, 2000 in shrimp lagoon according to the operation method mentioned above and tested the treated water in comparison with the untreated sea water on May 21, 2000.


Table 1 Comparison Table of physical and chemical indexes of treated water with BWC-Bio-Fish and untreated seawater


COD (mg/L) NH3 – N(ug/L) pH Salinity Tem DO2 (mg/L)
Untreated Seawater 4.3 350 9.0 4.1 18-23 4.1
Treated water 1.7-1.9 185 7.9-8.0 3.5-3.6 19-24 6.4
Optimum Condition growing Shrimps Unter 2.0 180-230 6.5-8.5 3.6-4.0 18-32 4-8


From the comparison, we can see that BWC-Fish and Bio-Booster have obvious effects on treating seawater. The ammonium in seawater drops dramatically to 185mg/L that is very suitable for shrimp raising. It promotes the rich growth of beneficial microbes and plankton. The colour of the seawater is faint tea colour.

  1. After 7 days treatment, we put 1,100,000 juvenile shrimps into the 80-Mu lagoon of our scientific demonstration base which has been treated with BWC and put 200,000 to 300,000 juvenile shrimps into the 100-Mu lagoon which has not been treated with BWC-Fish. The specific data is as following table:


Table 2 Comparison between different water for raising Penacus Japonicus


Original Meerwasser Mit BWC behandeltes Meerwasser
Anzahl an Junggarnelen die dem Wasser hinzugefügt wurden 200,000/100Mu 1,100,000/80Mu
Überlebensrate 15%-20% 75%-85%
Produktion pro Mu 8kg 120kg
Garnelenerkrankungen vorgefunden Ja Nein
Saurer-Regen Effekt Ja Nein

VIII. Conclusion of experiment

a.) All physical and chemical data concerning COD, dissolved oxygen, temperature, salinity, pH value, contents of ammonia nitrogen of BWC treated seawater prove to be good, so the treated water is suitable for shrimps to live and grow in.

b.) With BWC-Bio-Fish treated seawater not only a high density of the juvenile shrimps can be put and fed in the lagoon, but also a high survival rate as much as 85% can be achieved.

c.) From the above results we can see that in the seawater treated by BWC-Bio-Fish products provided by Changchun Huaye Bio Tech Ltd Co., the microbe flocks in the water look white and there is no unpleasant flavour. The water transparency is no more than 30 cm, and the quality of water is stable.

d.) We ensure that no chemical products are ever used during the whole Experiment.


Report of Shrimps


DATE: 13,05,00 Treated the water with BWC-Bio-Fish and Bio-Booster.

Before the test both ponds were polluted with the white-spot-virus of last season.

TEST the water on 21,05,00 compare with the sea water without BWC-Fish and Bio-Booster


Result of Comparing

  NH3-N           (u g/l) PH Salt (%) Temperature (°C) D.O                 (mg/l)
Without BWC-Fish and Bio-Booster  










With BWC-Fish and Bio-Booster, 7 days  










Suitable to shrimps 180-220 6.5-8.5 3.6-4.0 18-32 4-8


The shrimps outturn without BWC-Bio-Fish and Bio-Booster is 8kg/mu, there is disease happened. The shrimps outturn with BWC-Fish and Bio-Booster 120kg/mu, there is no disease happened.





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