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Efficient biotechnology for ecologically and economically sustainable processes

SHIEER has made an international name for itself with biotechnological invention, procedures and developments. Shieer operates recycling and recovery. Among other things it’s about activation of natural, biological systems in the following areas:

Sewage purification, drinking water, – service water, – wastewater substrate preparation, regeneration of water, air purification, composting, faeces- and manure processing, landfilling, soil decontamination, processing of residues from land reclamation and offshore oil exploration, sediment mud preparation, material separation, degreasing, toxin- and heavy metal elimination, besides fertilizer from organic waste materials, organic plant production without pesticides and ecological acceptable cleaner.

Research and Development

Our work is based on over 30 years of experience. Research and development are the cornerstones of our corporate philosophy. Click here for more information


We are pleased to provide services to companies regarding questions on applications and technical framework conditions for the optimal utilisation of our products.
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Overview of our high-capacity and efficient biotech products. Please find here our product descriptions and possible application fields. Click here to read more

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