Product information SHIEER BWC-O®

Wastewater treatment for preventive and curative odor control


Sustainable elimination of odour emissions through the use of SHIEER BWC-O.

SHIEER BWC-O eliminates disturbances in the natural, cell-parting process as well as shifts of oxidative and anaerobic organic mass.

Metabolic processes are optimized and optimal conditions for effective micro-organisms are created.

Cytotoxins and enzyme-inhibiting factors (such as ammonia or hydrogen sulphide) are not caused by influencing the hydrogen partial pressure.

The addition of BWC-O leads to a prevention of denaturation. Odor perceptions such as ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, isovaleric acid or butyric acid are getting eliminated by the removal or denaturation, olfactometrically relevant odor emissions from storage ponds are prevented, a sustainable reduction of the CSB value is achieved by fine control of the dosage, which allows an introduction to the municipal sewage treatment plant. The ventilation times of the plant are reduced to a minimum.


  • Permanent prevention of denaturation of process water and thus of odor emissions
  • Possibility of introduction into the municipal sewage treatment plant with lowering of the CSB value by BWC-O
  • Cost savings through barely necessary ventilation
  • Cost savings through savings on wastewater charges


Curative-> One-time addition of BWC-O for the treatment and prevention of denaturation (process water and soil). Elimination of olfactometrically relevant odors.

Preventive-> Continuous addition of BWC-O during application and permanent prevention of denaturation of process water.

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