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All SHIEER products are produced on a purely plant-based basis by self-fermentation.

SHIEER activators are non-toxic plant extracts produced from natural, plant-based raw materials, according to special, gentle processes. The multi-enzymatic, catalytically acting agents are micronutrients themselves at the same time and are degradable to 100%. SHIEER activators are biologically active catalysts with factors for the formation of enzymatically active complexes in interaction with naturally occurring microorganisms. Shieer activators are natural products that combine optimally rediscovered cell stimulators to fully activate microbiological metabolic processes. They contain no products of synthetic chemistry.

Key features of Shieer activators for production, storage and marketing are:

Conservative as well as emission (gas formation, foaming, odor) avoiding effect, in addition to the possibility of targeted control of conversion processes (for example, intensive methane production without sulfur pollution).

Overview of our products:


Fuel additives

Lubricant additives

Aerobic donors

Anaerobic donors 


Growth substance donors

Plant enhancer with insect repelling properties



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