Anaerobic donors

Product information SHIEER BWC-D® (Bio-Water-Clean)

Increasing the efficiency of your biogas plant


Many biogas plants are struggling today with various of difficulties. In addition to an individual advice, we also offer the fermenter additive SHIEER BWC-D.

SHIEER BWC-D supplies microorganisms with precursors for the self-synthesis of essential enzymes which are indispensable for the metabolism. Without BWC-D, such catalysts and donors are not sufficiently available.

SHIEER BWC-D specifically promotes the implementation process in a biogas plant. It also effectively inhibits harmful factors. SHIEER BWC-D is based on pure herbal ingredients and is therefore not hazardous in the sense of the Hazardous Substances Regulation. Due to the enzymatic-cataclystic effect BWC-D specifically promotes the organisms in the fermenter, which are responsible for a faster and higher-quality conversion of the supplied carbon into methane.

By increasing the biological activity in the fermenter, BWC-D achieves a better degradation, in particular of hardly degradable substance components such as lignin, cellulose or hemicellulose.Especially in biogas plants with a high proportion of corn and grass silage in feeding, only an insufficient degradation of these components can be achieved. Also, sinking and floating layers are getting dissolved in the fermenter.



  • Higher gas yield and improved gas quality
  • Environmentally friendly (100% natural ingredients)
  • Higher stability of the methanation process in the fermenter
  • Thin or creamy fermenter content
  • Lower internal energy consumption
  • Higher degradation performances of the supplied organic substance, thereby substrate saving
  • Dissolution of the floating and sinking layers in the fermenter
  • Better heat distribution inter alia through „clean“ heating coils
  • Increase of the effectiveness of the entire system
  • activator of microorganisms



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