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Product information SHIEER Ignishion®

Winner KMU-Energy-Idea 2007 (Netherlands)


SHIEER Ignishion is a fuel addition which cleans the fuel system and the suction system of the engine. This leads to a clear improvement of the combustion process, as well as a clean engine and a longer life span. It also improves the lubrication within the fuel systems (petrol like diesel). A reduction of the fuel consumption and the CO2 (carbon dioxides) CO (carbon monoxides), as well as the NOX- emission arises from it.  Shieer Ignishion is made of 100% plant-based materials and reduces the environmental impact. It has an effect of the whole car, from the tank to the exhaust pipe. A unique additive for an optimum combustion.

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SHIEER Ignishion fuel-additives are proven many times

SHIEER Ignishion does not only cause an improvement in the combustion chamber, it also cleans and lubricates the whole fuel system. Through this the maximum performance of the motor gets achieved. The improvement of the fuels means a better, more complete combustion and the achievement of the maximum yield of every litre fuel.

SHIEER Ignishion fuel-additives allows lower temperatures, a better combustion and less harmful gases get released, this leads to a lower fuel consumption.



  • Fuel consumption savings of up to 20%
  • A 100% organic product
  • Clean combustion
  • Quieter engine operation
  • Higher engine performance
  • 95% less soot Emission
  • Less NOX-emissions
  • Less CO2-emissions
  • Lubrication of the fuel system
  • Engine cleaning
  • Low maintenance costs
  • In contrast to the expensive premium fuels, Shieer Ignishion is a cheap alternative, therefore also attractive for large transportation- and shipping companies, where it’s already used  successfully
  • Shieer Ignishion gets regulary tested by independent laboratories (which are also working with all the major oil companies).



1 ml SHIEER Ignishion to 10 liter of fuel

Certificate of Additive Inspection (Diesel)

Certificate of Additive Inspection (Gasoline)


Winner MKB Energy Idea 2007 (The Netherlands)


PDF Volvo FM12 Test Report Download 


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