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Product information SHIEER BWC® for sewage treatment plants

Increasing the efficiency of your wastewater treatment plant


Many sewage treatment plants are struggling today with various of difficulties. In addition to an individual advice, we also offer the additive Shieer BWC.  

SHIEER BWC supplies microorganisms with precursors for the self-synthesis of essential enzymes which are indispensable for the metabolism. Without BWC such catalysts and donors are not sufficiently available.

Supply fluctuations, unilateral supply and load shocks continuously necessitate a time-dependent modification of the biocynosis in adaptation processes. This „biological stress“ endangers the species spectrum. BWC counteracts this stress in a variety of ways.

A species-rich, healthy, fully supplied, quickly reacting and thus adaptable biocenosis promotes the process of purification. The observable „fluctuation range“ of the clarification parameters gets „captured“. Stable and improved effluent values ​​in addition to reduction of excess sludge are the cost-saving consequence for indirect dischargers. This also applies without restriction to direct dischargers, albeit under certain procedural conditions.

SHIEER BWC specifically promotes the implementation processes in a sewage treatment plant and also effectively inhibits damaging factors. It is based on natural substances and is therefore not hazardous in the sense of the Hazardous Substances Ordinance.



  • Strengthening of vitality and resilience
  • Environmentally friendly (made of 100% natural ingredients)
  • Process Acceleration
  • Increasing the conversion and respiration potential
  • Clarification process stabilization
  • Clarification process extension
  • Energy conservation
  • Sewage sludge potential gets expanded
  •  „inert mass“, which consumes kinetic energy accounts
  • Oxygen transfer to the „actual work potential“ gets improved
  • The input / output balance of the clarification process is shifted from mere „sorting“ by -BWC- towards real biological recycling
  • The external metabolism in the biocynosis gets strengthened
  • Dead organic substance in the substrate is not in the way of the transfer and does not need to be washed round



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