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Research and development


The basis and matrix of SHIEER products was already developed in 1972.


Scientific foundation as basis of products and applications, is nowadays, in the external presentation of companies, normal and nothing special. Interesting sounding terms adorn the product developments in order to establish consumer trust.

Science, research and development as the key to quality and innovation

Here lies the basis of our company philosophy, product developments and application concepts. But SHIEER goes, since the foundation, an essential step further.



With the European nature conservation year 1970, the foundation for the environmental movement in Europe was laid. Among all sections of the population a new ecological awareness was developed.

The famous colour photo of the Apollo mission from 1968 (our beautiful blue planet with the moon in the foreground) became a sort of awareness-icon of the new environmental movement worldwide.


At this time also established scientific branches were pushed to new forms. Cybernetics, system theory, chaos theory, complexity research and similar integrative concepts were roughing up the functional differentiated scientific community.

The new motto was ‘network thinking’. The foundations for this have already been laid in ancient times.



Today the concept of ‘Anthropocene’, in scientific circles, is quite popular. It describes the special position of human beings, since the era of industrialisation in western countries from the 19th century on.

According to this idea, that was the era were human beings became one of the main factors influencing biological, geological and atmospheric processes on earth.

We have to face the big challenge, to gain awareness of our responsibility and to properly meet this responsibility. Through intelligent methods we have to eliminate the consequences of the uncontrolled exploitation of our planet. This is where Shieer provides an ecological and economical contribution.

File:NASA-Apollo8-Dec24-Earthrise.jpg – Erstellt: 24. Dezember 1968 – Gemeinfrei


It is this approach of metaphysic that made SHIEER focused on the integration of chemical, biological and physical engineering technology, regarding development of products and application solutions.


Stabil cycles – proven system processes

After many years of research SHIEER has managed to rediscover cell stimulation for the full activation of metabolic processes and to combine them to highly effective products.

So, in a sense what happens in technical degradation processes (for example waste water clarification, composting, landfilling) is comparable to what happens in the soil.

In order to empower the remaining biocenosis (generally weak) to their natural recycling function, special activators, that trigger enzymatic and catalytic controls in biological implementation processes, are required. SHIEER provides those worldwide approved, for product maturity developed activators.

SHIEER – activators are non-toxic, natural plant extracts, made of natural plant material and produced in a gentle procedure. The multi enzymatic, biocatalytic active agents are also micronutrients and 100% degradable. Shieer activators are biologically acting catalysts with factors to build enzymatically acting complexes, in combination with naturally present microorganisms.

SHIEER – activators are natural products, which combine rediscovered cell stimulators to fully activated microbiological metabolic processes, in an optimal manner. They do not contain products of synthesis chemistry.


Create conditions to direct processes in a favoured direction

Range of internationally recognised certifications, several patents registered developed procedures, many successful projects and innovative products demonstrate our scientific claim.

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